A love song to you

A E S T H E T I C.
She is.

I want you all to listen to this song first without looking at the video.
Close your eyes, listen to the words as the rhythm picks up…follow that too.
Think about the song meaning of who she’s talking about or what she’s talking about.

Now that you’ve done that. Watch the video.

I wanted to share this song, most importantly this video. To be completely honest, i can’t count how many times I’ve replayed this song. It’s been on repeat since the first time i heard it.

This song is me.

From the soft-spoken lyrics to its sultry tone as the singer finds her way in her own words. It’s a tug and pull between self-love and/or reassuring oneself of who you are even if the love was not wanted. When i first heard the song, i imagined she was talking about a past or current relationship, and she wanted to remind this guy exactly who she was and what she could give. Yet, still needing him to be exactly who she needed, in order to be confident and comfortable in her own skin.

I listened to the song with my eyes closed, and thought about what’s it like to have an equal to make you feel fulfilled, secure, and for you to want to give more because you know it’ll be reciprocated. However, after watching the video my thoughts completely changed.

it’s not about an equal it’s about you.

Aesthetically put, visually pleasing, this song is about S E L F   L O V E.

As you watched the video, Sabrina was surrounded by many mirrors as she sung the lyrics to the song. It was a love letter to herself.
A reflection of herself.

This says a lot by saying/showing so little.

Be good to yourself, love yourself. Don’t look to others to take care of your body and soul.
It’s a long journey. This doesn’t happen over night, but what good is it if what you can give the universe you aren’t able to give yourself? Be the light, know how to take care of it, and love it. Then share it with someone who is deserving of it.
Don’t you go finding it, let it find you.

you belong to you.


a dose of brown sugar and warm honey


she was made from medium brown to honey

a taste of brown powder, sweet chocolate, with a hint of vanilla

as honey flows, she blooms and the world is unfavorable of her existence

they’ll speak on her character before knowing her name

they’ll expect for her labor to be free, healing them in their pain, reducing their fears

the world tells her to be strong and to fight back

so when the going gets tough, she says, “there’s shit to do”

only denying to herself what she feels: afraid, hurt, lonely, anxious, angry

W E A R Y.

she’s weary but she knows she’s the honey that flows, softer than most

brown girl, she is a free woman that was not made in your existence or being

she is more than strong

she isn’t superficial, there’s no super powers

but there’s that black girl magic – resilience, beauty, and power

20 something, nothing can replace these experiences but

her greatest achievement is existing

she is brown aesthetic.